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Is It Fall Yet?
Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist ?!

This is a grand time of year, don’t you think?  Children are back to school, the color of the landscape is beautiful, and we have plenty of time to think about that perfect Christmas gift we want to buy for our loved one!  I love the change in the seasons.

We've Been Busy!!

We’re on FaceBook - that’s a good thing, right?! We are displaying our projects and videos on FaceBook while staying in touch with our “Likers”.

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We just finished up 17 days at the Puyallup Fair where we displayed our Garden Accents theme - had a number of great FaceBook comments from customers and friends, and we have three winners of our Free Garden Accents design service. It all was a great experience.

Olympic at the Puyallup Fair

If you need an area of your landscape “fixed”, check out our Garden Accents design service on our website. It might be just what you need.

We’ve been doing some landscape remodels! Here’s a home in North Tacoma that we’ll finish soon. I’m amazed at the craftsmanship of our crew! This place needed a remodel and that’s what we’re doing.

Backus Crew
Backus Before and Progress
Backus Project - Before Backus Project in Progress

And a project in the So. Hill Puyallup area where another remodel was in order.

Backus Before and Progress
Kellermann Project - Before Kellermann Project in Progress

What’s really enjoyable is helping our customers with some fresh ideas and then seeing their excitement as the project progresses and then their delight in the finished product. Also, our crew enjoys what they do - and it shows. Kellermann Crew

Winter Shut-down

That’s our official term(!) for turning off sprinkler systems and draining or blowing out the system for winter.  We will be starting this work in a week and finish up in December sometime.

Sprinkler Systems should be drained for the winter.  You might get by some winters without cold weather damage but it’s surprising what a little freezing weather can do.  This year we replaced several backflow assemblies because the systems weren’t winterized last winter.  Also, valves, sprinklers and pipes are susceptible to breakage from freezing.

In most cases we use a compressor and inject air into the system while cycling through the zone valves.  Some people winterize their system themselves.  One caution is to not “blow” too long as this can damage sprinklers, especially rotary sprinklers.  You don’t need every drop of water out of your pipes.

Call if you need help with this - we love what we do!!

OH! I Almost Forgot

We are sponsoring the film Calvin Marshall at this year’s Tacoma Film Festival. This movie is about a likable, non-athletic, Junior College student whose dream is to play Major League baseball. There are many more films to choose from: October 7th to the 14th.

Contest for free tickets to the Festival is on our website. Drawing is on October 6th and the winner’s tickets will be at Will Call.

AND... We’ll be at the Tacoma Fall Home & Remodeling Show [Link] at the Tacoma Dome this October 28th to 31st. Stop by and see us.

neil Enjoy your Fall!

Neil Hedman
Owner, Olympic Landscape


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