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Ahh... Fall in the Northwest

Ahh... Fall in the NorthwestIt's time:

• Fall colors
• Cold football games
• Candy
• Thanksgiving Day planning
• Pumpkin bars

Visit Your Local Nursery

This is a great time to visit your local nursery and look at the fall color of trees, shrubs and groundcover. These fall colors make a wonderful addition to any landscape and the best way to select them is to see them in person. Also, it's a great time to plant!

Ahh... Fall in the NorthwestSome varieties our Design
Staff recommends:

Trees: Katsura, Japanese
Maples and Red Maples
Shrubs: Burning Bush,
Barberry & Oakleaf Hydrangea
Cotoneaster, Kinnikinnik
and Mаhoniа

We Get All the Fun!

What an exciting life - to work with enjoyable customers, install great landscapes and improve the appearance of wonderful homes.

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge
This is a 20 year old landscape we installed in downtown Puyallup. This courtyard has graced the front entry for years and continues to improve with age.
Here is a beautiful log home in the country. We completed this landscape a couple of years ago and it still stands out as one of our most enjoyable projects.
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Visit Olympic's Photo Gallery! Want to look at more pictures? Check out our photo gallery.

Winter Shut-down

Here are some tips if you want to do it yourself OR go to Lynn's picture below and call for help.

Turning off your sprinkler system and bleeding or blowing out the water for the winter season.

So the system components won't freeze. The backflow assembly, valves, sprinklers and, in really cold winters, the mainline and lateral pipes can freeze and break.

  • Turn off the main shut-off valve (if there is one - otherwise the first valve on the backflow assembly).
  • Open drain valves (if any).
  • If no drains, connect an air compressor to either the last test cock on the backflow assembly or a blow-out device connected to your system and run air threw each zone by turning on the zones at the controller. Don't over blow; this can damage various sprinkler components. Every drop of water does not need to be purged.
  • Winterize the backflow assembly by turning the two main valves and the test cocks at 45 degrees (half open and half closed). A couple of these valves may need to remain closed if you are using the first main valve as the shut-off valve.

Do this before a real cold snap. Normally this isn't a problem until mid to late December. We may have a few frosts before then but that won't hurt your system.

Lynn Francis Need help?
Call Lynn for instructions or for us to take
care of this for you.

(253) 922-7075

A Freebee!

Win a FREE Fall Pond Service from Olympic!FREE Fall Pond Service

We will be cleaning ponds and water features after the leaves drop, preparing them for the winter season. On our website we detail our current promotion where you can enter our FREE Fall Pond Service contest. We'll be drawing a winner's name November 18th.

Win a FREE Fall Pond Service from Olympic! Click here to check it out!

St. Francis House & Facebook

It's not the Christmas Season yet but we are getting ready to help out clients of St. Francis House, Puyallup with Christmas. This means presents and a Christmas dinner. After Thanksgiving we'll be promoting this event by having people LIKE Olympic on Facebook and then sponsor a family for every 50 new LIKERS.

Last year we sponsored five families. Yahoo!! Here is a video of Sister Pat and me from last year explaining what they do:


neil Thanks for looking and
may you enjoy your Holiday Season,

Neil Hedman
Owner, Olympic Landscape


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Cotoneaster Kinnikinnik Mаhoniа Burning Bush Red Maple Katsura Barberry Oakleaf Hydrangea Oakleaf Hydrangea