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Now This is SUMMER!
And, as McDonalds Would Say, "I'm Lovin' It!"

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FREE Puyallup Fair Tickets

leaf August 30th we’ll draw 3 names for a pair of Puyallup Fair tickets.
leaf Come see us at the Fair!

leaf We are having a drawing on August 20th to pick 2 winners for our Garden Accents design service.
leaf Each are worth $250

While you’re on our site see more information on our Garden Accents service.  I believe this is a wonderful alternative to a full design and total remodel of your yard.  If you have that one area you’re struggling with - either because it doesn’t look right OR it just needs some pizzazz - we can help you with it.  It might be that you simply want to add a conversation area or provide a place to escape with some privacy.
With our Garden Accents service, our designer will:

leaf Meet with you at your home
leaf Discuss what you have in mind
leaf Give you the professional direction you need with a sketch, material list and “how to” information
leaf And, if you want a quote for an Olympic installation,
we’ll provide that too.

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What a Fun Project!

We just finished up a wonderful landscape remodel on Gravelly Lake.  It was quite a challenge:  new stone steps drop down the forty foot slope to the beach, fire pit area, new drive entry plus plants, lighting and sprinklers. 

We worked from the lakeside back towards the street, coordinating the landscape work with the home remodel, finishing this project in phases.

The goal was to update the landscape while retaining the 100 year-old charm of the house and setting. Our crew did a magnificent job.

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Do You Have Dry Spots in Your Lawn?

Short Version: turn the time up on your system.

Longer Version: (for those interested!)
This is the time of year when the warmer weather conditions may cause dry areas to show up in your lawn.  Are your sprinklers doing their job?  They might be working at properly but you are not watering long enough.
There is a term used in Water Auditing (the science of determining sprinkler coverage and uniformity) called the Uniformity Coefficient.  This percentage figure expresses the degree of “perfection” at which a sprinkler system covers an area of landscape.  A good UC is 65% and the highest you can achieve is about 80%.  This means that sprinkler coverage is never perfect.  When the watering schedule is set too close to the minimum watering times certain areas will start showing stress - they begin to brown.

So the problem is often not enough watering time set on the controller.  Look at these “starting to brown” areas as a signal to turn up the time.  This can be accomplished by turning up the zones (areas controlled by an automatic valve) in the problem areas, or by turning up the “Seasonal Adjust” switch found on many timers today.  With this switch adjustment you can change the length of watering time change from 100% of your current setting to 120%, or whatever.  So a 30 minute setting would actually water for 36 minutes.  This, then, easily adjusts the watering times as the seasons change. If you do have that one area that always dries out and you would be overwatering other areas if you watered longer, then it’s time to consider adding a sprinkler or adjusting the size and/or operation of those sprinklers in that area.

There are Precipitation Rates (inches of water per hour) available for all sprinkler types and, from this and the spacing of your sprinklers, the amount of watering time to put down a inch of water per week can easily be calculated.

Too much information?? Water more or call us!  We’d love to help.

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neil Enjoy your Summer!

Neil Hedman
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