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Happy New Year Decade

What a great time of year... Optimism reigns as we head toward Spring!

  • The Bluebells are popping up their heads
  • My Star Magnolia looks like a Pussy willow with its buds bulging
  • I think I see my daffodils checking to see if it’s time... and
  • We are coming off of some great memory-building Holiday events

Home and Garden Shows Coming Up

Visit the Home & Garden website! Puyallup H & G Show
Jan 7th - 9th

An enjoyable opportunity to check out home improvement ideas and snack on some treats. All indoors!! Ed Hume and Cisco Morris will be there. Go to the website for details: http://www.puyalluphomeshow.net

We’ll be there with our Design Studio. Come see examples of our work and meet our Design Team.
Also, we’re doing a drawing for a FREE Landscape Design.
Free tickets to the first two “couples” who email me!

Visit the Home & Garden website! Tacoma H & G Show
Jan 26th - 30th

This is the Big One! Great information for all kinds of home improvements. Again, all indoors.
  • A lovely strolling garden with Asian influence
  • A 40’ by 40’ grand display built to stroll through and relax
  • Includes a privacy screen, winding path with arched bridge over a stream
  • Asian accents and beautiful plantings
We’ll have a drawing for a FREE Landscape Design!

Visit the website for more info: http://www.otshows.com

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Algae Alert!

Well, it’s not that bad but the algae in you pond is ready to bloom. With a little warmer weather and the sun shining on your pond, the phytoplankton (wow!) will be happy! Stay ahead of this process by treating your pond as the weather approaches 60 degrees - it’s coming. Also, we’d be happy to help. Call to talk about what you need to do, or we can help provide this service for you. Algae Alert!

Blog Stuff

John Sullivan, Lead Designer, is ready with a new blog post, “A Great Time to Plan.” You can see this at www.olympiclandscape.com and click on “Ask John”

Before & After - A Remodel (Click photos to enlarge!)

Click to enlarge!
Before After

Now this was a fun project! We “remodeled” this back yard to provide an enjoyable outdoor living space. Sig Ray says, “A great big ‘Thank You’ to Olympic! My little space on this earth has been enriched.”

Featured Articles

Showcasse Magazine We were recently featured in Showcase Magazine. A great, local magazine and a nice article about Olympic in their Design & Style section - Inspired Designs.

AND, on the back cover of South Sound Magazine, a fun, full page picture and testimonial of our recent project (a night shot of the Before & After site mentioned above). Also, Hedman House, A Bed & Breakfast is featured inside, showing our home in Puyallup - Ambiance Awaits, Cozy Comfort Comes First. Thank you South Sound.

That’s all she wrote! Enjoy your New Decade!
South Sound Magazine

Neil Hedman
Owner, Olympic Landscape


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