Garden Accents Service and Landscape Design Ideas by Olympic Landscape LLC - serving Tacoma, WA and Puget Sound

Garden Accents

Do you have that smaller area of your yard that just doesn’t fit or would be the perfect location for a garden accent feature?

Olympic offers on-site consultation for these garden accent areas – along with a sketch and material list. We can also offer a proposal to complete the work, if you would like our help with that part. Please give us a call, or use our easy online request form if you’re interested in our garden accents service.

Garden Accents by Olympic – making your landscape come to life!

Raised flower beds and potted plants can be the perfect garden accent to bring life and color to your yard.
Bring beauty and tranquility to your front doorstep or backyard with a unique water feature designed specifically for your outdoor space.
Looking for simple wood arbor and patio design ideas? Olympic Landscape can create the outdoor retreat you've always wanted.
What Garden Accent Can Bring Your Outdoor Space to Life?

Whether you already have an idea in mind, or would like the help from a professional on our design team, Olympic can help you achieve the “perfect” garden accent look you’re after.

The accent you need might be:

  • A new patio or conversation area
  • A privacy screen and arbor
  • An area that needs outdoor lighting
  • A fire pit area
  • A water feature to blend in with what you already have
  • Maybe you want some raised planters for vegetables or flowers
  • A private place to escape
  • Or simply a landscape remodel – enhancing the entry or that special area you have in mind

With decades of experience, Olympic’s landscape design team has what it takes to make your vision a reality. Large or small, we would love to meet with you to discuss the possibilities for your yard.

Out with the overgrown plantings, in with color coordinated pots and a bench. Flagstone along the edge of the walk softens lines! Give it a little extra punch with a trellis on the blank expanse of the wall and Viola! You have a fresh new look.
Looking for great garden accent ideas? Elegant wood arbors and fences provide a welcoming entrance to your outdoor space.

How It Works

From the initial consultation with one of our landscape designers to the design sketch, we believe you will enjoy the experience.

Here are the steps:

  • Contact Olympic for an on-site consultation
  • Our designer will arrange a meeting time and visit you at your home.
  • Your ideas and wants will be discussed and a sketch, material list or written directions will be prepared at your home.
  • The basic cost for a Garden Accent design is $450. This allows for about 3 hours of time at your home, or a combined 3 hrs at your home and in our design studio. You may request additional design work which would be billed at our standard design rate.
  • If desired, a proposal for an Olympic installation will be prepared at your request.

Our gallery is filled with beautiful garden landscape design ideas. Explore more.